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Merlin Gerin Masterpact MP Circuit Breakers


Square D NW Masterpact, NW40H, NW30H, NW20H, NW16H1 circuit breakers

CM1600H, CM1600HE, CM32000H, CM32000HE, CM2000H, CM2000HE, MERLIN GERIN Compact CM frame molded case breakers.

MP08H1, MP16H1, MP16H2, MP20H1, MP20H2, MP25H1, MP30H1, MP30H2, MP40H1 MASTERPACT

 NW Masterpact

 CM molded case

 MP Masterpact

  • Repairs and Testing
  • Rebuild
  • Reconditon to Original Specs
  • 800 to 5000 Amp frames in Stock

Merlin Gerin Masterpact circuit breakers are custom configured at the factory to each application. Special details are required to insure that a NW or MP Masterpact circuit breaker will function properly when you receive it. Our technical staff will make sure that you get exactly what you need, and that it will work right out of the crate. We offer the following:

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Square D Masterpact, SEF, and SED Circuit Breakers from Quality SwitchGear, Inc. on Vimeo.