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Square D Bolt Loc Switches

 Another load of Square D Bolt Loc switches just arrived yesterday. These particular bolt lock switches are newer models which are mounted on a red micarta board back versus the older style with the black micarta insualtion board. BLO34200 and BLO34120 are the standard catalog numbers.

BLO34200 and BLO34120 Square D Bolt Loc switches  BLO34200 with ground fault relay


The Square D switchboards came with ground fault relays in conjunction with the GFI CTs used to sense current flowing on the neutral bus or ground fault.

Square D BLO34200 is top inverted or bottom fed and the BLO34120 switches are top feed type.

Also a new surplus in the original carton Square D BPO3620Z

 Square D BPO3620Z 2000 AMP BOLT-LOC switch

Plus Square D Ground Fault Relays, sensors, and monitors.

Ground Fault Relay GC-100

Ground fault current transformer

2000 amp and 1200 amp

GT-1530 and GT-1224 series 2

 Electric trip for 2000-4000 amp Bolt-Loc switches 

p/n BPET40 and BPET20

Basically everything to add ground fault protection to a Square D Bolt-Loc switch. We have quite a selection of Square D Bolt lock switches in stock as well as parts.

While we are on the subject of Square D Bolt lock switches, lets talk maintenance. A number of people call us with problems related to the switches failing to open or reclose or the mech is stuck. Usually its because they have neglected to maintain and exercise them sometimes for years. No body likes to shut down the main disconnect, however  without proper care and use the bolt loc switches will start sticking and will not close nor open. Bad deal if you are shut down for maintenance and cannot get the main to close!

Here is an article from Square D regarding care and Bolt Loc maintenance instructions

Bolted Pressure Switches

Maintaining Bolted Pressure Switches can prevent facility shutdown and save time and money
Switches perform a mechanical function that could affect your entire electrical system. Periodic preventive maintenance is essential for reliable operation of electrical equipment. This is especially true in the case of a service entrance device where ALL power to the facility passes through the BOLT-LOC switch. Failure of this switch could cause the facility to be without electricity for an indefinite period of time resulting in downtime and inconvenience.

Technicians will inspect and clean the enclosure, install new accessories and perform standard start-up service for the newly installed switch. Square D Services maintains a vast inventory of new parts and accessories to support replacement of Type B/L BOLT-LOC switch mechanisms, pole assemblies, or the entire switch, as needed. New Type B/L BOLT-LOC switches are covered by a one-year Square D warranty......


Quality Switchgear can repair and recondition your Square D BOLT-LOC switches for you. We have a large inventory of bolted pressure switches including Square D, Cutler Hammer, GE, Pringle, Eaton, and Bolt Switch.