Square D GC200E Replacement Solution from Quality Switchgear

Square D GC200E Replacement Solution from Quality Switchgear

Posted by Billy Cope on Apr 9th 2021


Obsolete Square D GC-200E ground fault relay

If you need to replace the ground fault relay in your Square D Bolt-Loc switch cabinet, you may have found out that they are no longer available. While the good folks at Schneider supported the Bolt-Loc series for a long time the switches have gone "end of life" in the last few years. However there are 100s if not 1000s of BLO and BPO pressure switches still out there. 

Quality Switchgear is able to offer several alternatives for your ground fault or replacement switch.

Typical Bolt-Loc Switch installation with Ground Fault

Relay mounted on DIN rail inside the cabinet feeding the Display

Retrofitted panel with BPGF100K kit
replaces both GC200E and display

Identical GF relay kit from Quality Switchgear

Ground Fault Relay for Square d Bolt-Loc switch

GF Relay replacement Drawing

We are stocking a retrofit kit to match the BPGF100K since they are no longer available from Square D. The specifications are identical and includes relay, mounting adapter, and instructions.

Contact us anytime 800.421.5082 or email BPGF100 Replacement and request a quote or more detailed information.