Testing & Calibration



We are obsessive about testing and quality assurance. Every reconditioned product is tested to the original mfg. specifications, test reports are available upon request and on file for up to 7 years.

All our products are tested with the highest standards of safety and reliability in mind. This process includes primary injection testing, contact resisitance, and insulation resistance testing.

Circuit breakers are tested and certified to their original factory specifications which exceed NETA field testing requirements. Your product will be certified to meet or exceed a new unit from the manufacturer.

Test Equipment and Calibration

We understand our customers need to rely on the products they buy from us and that is why we invest heavily in test equipment from AVO, Fluke, Biddle, as well as secondary test sets from the manufacturers. Every single piece of test equipment is calibrated annually to the National Institute for Standards (NIST).

Our technicians are certifed by PEARL to perform testing in accordance with ANSI and NETA practices. Call anytime for more information or if you require special certifications we are happy to accomodate requests.

Breaker Test Set ETI PI-4000B 131066 3/5/2018
D L R O Biddle 247000 132587 3/6/2018
1KV Megohmmeter TES 1600 30309560 3/7/2018
Digital Multimeter Fluke 26-III AA00139305 3/8/2018
Digital Multimeter Fluke 77 36980839 3/9/2018
Breaker Test Set ETI PI-4000B 07-17809 3/10/2018
Clamp On Fluke 30 69254007 3/11/2018
Portable Primary Injection Test Set ETI PI-800 08-20075 3/12/2018
Digital Test Kit General Electric TVRMS2 143287 3/13/2018
Digital Test Kit General Electric TVRMS2 143288 3/14/2018
Digital Test Kit General Electric TVRMS2 143290 3/15/2018
Power Shield Test Set ITE 504 234 3/16/2018
Digital Multimeter Greenlee DM-200 72141300 3/17/2018
Digital Multimeter Greenlee DM-200 31030069 3/18/2018
Digital Multimeter Greenlee DM-200 83281439 3/19/2018
Digital Multimeter Greenlee DM-200 44480462 3/20/2018
Digital Multimeter Greenlee DM-200 44501332 3/21/2018
1KV Megohmmeter Fluke 1503 96980085 3/22/2018
1KV Megohmmeter Fluke 1503 97070094 3/23/2018
Secondary Test Set GE TAK-TS2 148998 3/24/2018
Portable Test Set Siemens PTS-4 148999 3/25/2018